The Life I Live

By Martin   

The life I live is sad
It is upsetting
My life is a mess
I messed everything up
Everything is haunting me
I miss my younger years
I am sorry I am not perfect
I feel all alone and I can’t stop it
I miss what I used to have
I wish I had a real father
My life is just so screwed up
I feel like I am addicted to nothing
I had dreams of a great Life
Nothing seems like it is real
This is the life I live
No one understands what i am going through
I need to start over
I wish i could change my life
Wish everyone understood
My life seems like a dream
I feel like if i start over it is going to get over used and I am gone

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This Poems Story

This poem is what I went through in my life and how I wish it would end