The Life Inside the Flames

What could it be? Could it be a car into a tree?
Could it be a house on fire, or a C02 alarm with a bad wire?
As I get ready, I stand unsteady
With the thoughts and fears of what I might hear.
As I arrive, I see the fire alive.
As I move through the first floor, I break down a few doors.
As I break down the door, I hear a loud roar.
It's collapsing like a deck of cards,
I run very fast and hard.
I think of what might happen; I stop in a sudden reaction.
I hear a faint voice of a child, I turn around without a smile.
I look, I search so very hard, with nothing else to be heard.
There it was again, so I gave a big grin;
I see the child all buried in a pile.
She's, okay so I clear the way.
I make it to a door with an unsteady floor.
There's help for the girl, so I turn back to do more;
As I put out the fire, I grow very tired.
As the fire goes out, I hear a loud shout-
It's the chief to all of our relief.
I walk with our dignity and pride,
With a fellow firefighter by my side.
As we leave the scene, I bow my head and silently pray:
Thank You, God, for the help You gave us today.

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