The Life of a Dispatcher

I’m looking around at all I can see
All I can feel and hear and be
I’m thinking about how I’ll one day be gone
I’ll one day no longer have days so long

I won’t be taking calls for 16 hours straight
Or talking to all of my guys so late
I won’t be staring at 8 different screens
I won’t be listening to people’s screams

I won’t be multitasking at an expert level
I won’t be dealing with all the world’s evil
I won’t be so stressed I break down and cry
I won’t be so tired that I want to die

I won’t be listening to everyone lying
I won’t be dealing with everyone dying
I won’t be walking you through CPR
I won’t be helping you to realize who you are

I won’t be telling you to put down the gun
I won’t do any of it; I will be done
I won’t be listening to petty complaints
I won’t be having to show such restraint

I won’t be yelled at and put down for their mess
I won’t be treated like I am such less
I won’t be mandated at all hours of the night
I won’t skip kids’ games to guide you to the light

I won’t be in a constant battle to win
I won’t be fighting against everyone’s sin
I won’t be thanked with tears in your voice
I won’t be listening to your cries of rejoice

I won’t be listening to your baby’s first breath
I won’t be guiding you through your battle with death
I won’t be telling you I’m here to fight to the end
I won’t be coordinating with my officer and friend

I won’t see your look of awe at my title
I won’t be counting these seconds so vital
I won’t be swaying you away from insanity
I won’t be dealing with the worst of humanity

I won’t be listening to people’s amends
I won’t be crying to my wonderful friends
I won’t be a part of something so great
Goodbyes are hard? Believe me… I can relate.

I’m looking around and think to myself
There will forever be someone else
I won’t be here to guide you through your war
I won’t be the voice in the dark anymore

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