The life of a

Greatness i see in her with her beautiful smile

Hugging so tightly our young son kyle

Friends and family all gather around

At when our son makes his very 1st sound

Picking him up and playing with his finger

My wife starts laughing as his eyes start to wonder

6 years later all wet and dirty

Started to cry as he thought i would hurt him

I started to laugh and drank from my cup

Come on son lets get you cleaned up

5 years later he comes home from school

And sits next to me on his cute stool

He asks me a question that i coudn't believe

So i had to explain the "birds and the bees"

4 years later getting high with his friend

I layed him down and and slapped his back end

3 years later all dressed in green

He graduated the army's military training

Me and wife we were so worried

As he was sent to Iraq in such a great hurry

2 years later a car pulls in our driveway

And 2 men get out and head towards the front stairway

The knock on the door sounded so distant

I already knew what that meant in an instant

He hands us a letter and medal of valor

And said sorry for your loss of Sgt O'conner

Me and my wife started to tear

As we were supposed to see him at the end of the year

1 year later near his grave

I kneeled down and started to pray

I come back home and find her asleep

So i lay next to her and fall asleep so deep

I try to wake her up as she was sleeping all day

Only to find out that she had passed away

I call 911 and rush to the hospital

The doctor said its too late to revive her

1 day later its half past eleven

And I pick up my antique .357

I say my goodbye's and pull the trigger

Because i knew my life wasn't getting better

1 hour later I see my wife and son

And they asked dad what have you done?

They start to gently float away

As the heavenly gates started to sway

I turn around and see the man

That would control my soul and forever be damned

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This Poems Story

This is by no means my personal story. This story is of a friend and the hardships his family went through. It is only my story to tell now because him and his immediate family have passed away. I wrote this as I literally sat in church and listened to the priests sermon back in 2010.