The Life of A Soldier

I am breathing in the fumes of death

The stench of misery filling my lungs

Like the smoke of a cigarette in a harsh winter morning

Pools of adrenaline swimming through me

The powerful hands of time ticking

Indeed time is the enemy of man

Because I am filled with oceans of dread

Galaxies of anxiety

And mountains of fear

For the fear of being bombed

Surrounds my thought like lava surrounds a volcano

There is an immense amount of men that are dropping like flies

I am left to wonder if my corpse will join theirs

And wondering if my blood will mix with their blood

But the kiss of death has already touched my soul

Gray and vanished

Then humiliation speeds through my veins, my blood, and finally my heart

Because while I was praying to the fearless God above

Desperate and searching

I realize I should be praying for my loved ones instead

Because they speak about soldiers

Like we are a statistic

Like the death of one man is miniscule

But just the death of one man

Is enough to rip families apart

Like if the Earth were to stop orbiting the Sun

Because losing one man

Is like losing all of humanity

I watch as my friends are overcome with regret

To participate in this blood bath

To be locked up like prisoners

In this ghastly war zone

Suffocated by bombs

Gunshots whizzing past our heads like raindrops

Trapped by their desire

To believe that being a soldier was just another escapade

Only to be woken up by the sound of glass

Shattering in their soul

Only to see there was no glass

But the pain came from the lies bleeding into them about the war

Hurting them more than a gunshot ever could

And that the harsh conditions of war

Was more than a figment of their fantasies

But rather it was their reality.

If I am a river

Then the war is a tsunami

The war is a shower of blood

That all of us chose to bathe in.

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