The Life of an Indoor Dog


The Life of an Indoor Dog

Waking up to the same old thing every day for my life of an indoor dog
Never being able to eat the food that is so precious to me
Staying inside with no way out to the outdoors
Trapped in a house with only humans and indoors
Wishing to see my friends outside
Never knowing if there is more out in the world

Dreaming of running outside with my paws grasping the world
But always waking up to a nightmare stuck inside
Wanting my owners to let me outside
Beginning to become depressed at the world that I never get to feel
Not knowing if it’s worth for me to be in this world
Looking outside with the rain I've never been praying to feel

Wanting to know what the substance of water and ice would feel
Listing to the joy and the love some owners have with their dogs
Waking up to the same food in my bowl that says indoor dog
I don't even have a name my owner just calls me dog
Why does my owner not love me
I never wanted to make him hate me

Wishing I could be reborn to a different thing other than me
Looking up to the sky and asking why me
I would rather die loving my life outside
But I have to die hating my life as an indoor dog
Thinking that I am the only one in this world
Never being able to have kids that look just like me

Telling myself that this isn't me
There is more out in the world
Motivating myself to find a way out of the indoors
Ready to explore and live my life in the outdoors
Getting my paws ready to go outside and look smell and feel
But sadly my owner may never come back to check on me

Dreaming of the day that I will see and feel the outdoors
Always dreaming for the day dogs will run up to me
Wanna play with them like every dog should but I am still stuck in the indoors

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