The Life of Covid-19


My real name’s Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
However, for the sake of brevity I’m known Covid-19
Lab guys christened me Corona because of my lovely halo
In 2020 I’m a great star, bigger than my cousin, SARS 1
Ignorant humans think I will just magically disappear
Love infiltrating humans, latching on to healthy cells
Making multiple copies of my miniscule sneaky self
It’s so thrilling spreading illness and sometimes death
Have no fear cough and sneeze as much as you wish
Spew my droplets, love how you float them in the air
Thanks, sending me to my unsuspecting, mask-less hosts
Call me dangerous, detestable or even repulsive
I’ll still roam the earth at will, tallying up my kills
Continue propelling my vile self from one to another
I must say, I’m so pleased science is being ignored
Keep opening countries, states and cities even more

A bit of guidance from yours truly:
Don’t use water and soap, don’t take medical advice
Don’t be bored at home, go to bars, don’t wear a mask
Don’t social distance, don’t let them take your rights--
Gather in groups, go to congested religious services
Cough me out in gyms, disregard those foolish rules
If you do as I ask, don’t worry I’ll come to you in a hurry
Thanks for being so welcoming, your hopeful companion

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