The Life’s Walk

The Life’s Walk

The nights are dark and so much deep
Often we travel through the shackles and clear the streams
If Our Life was the only fact unknown
We wouldn’t get any answer and end up with groan
Unstoppable we go overcoming the highs and lows
Rallying for a cause and learning from all blows
Somewhere deep and down inside we know
That this life is only a one man's show
Clouds always floats high up in the sky
Every failure is worth a lot as it teaches you a lesson to fly
Life’s Answers are hidden in the questions we see
Might be your “Six” feel like “Nine” to me
Just there is one life so live it at full
Face the situations being calm and cool
I don’t want to end this poem as I don’t feel like its right
Because the reality that I had told till , is from infinite to might.

Written by : Ashish Dutt

Ashish Dutt.

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