The light

The Light

Sometimes at night I lay in bed, and listen to the cold night breeze
I notice a light flickering, in the distance through the trees

I stare at the light and wonder if it's staring back at me
Are there other people watching it, or am I the only one who can see

I find myself transfixed, on the object that I glance
I find my eyes were mesmerized, as it puts me in its trance

Why is it I choose this light, it's not the brightest in the sky
In truth, it is quite dim and dull, but that's not what catches my eye

It isn't the biggest light in the entire field,
yet I find I can not look away its mystery remains unrevealed

The stars in the sky are more numerous, They are a much prettier sight
Yet I still find myself staring, at that one poorly lonely lit light

The light is ever flickering, it's death seems only fit
Yet I know I need not worry, for the light will always remain lit

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