The Light Is My World

The light is my world.
Around nothing, it seems.
The dark is my nest, the giver of peace.
The mother of all.
The world so cruel.
My heart breaks to shatters.
Givers of lies and takers of truth.
Nothing is the same.
All is as it seems.
Where does one go?
When life takes away nothing.
A common cold, chills the very air.
It breaks away skin and thaws away the voice.
Trembling and scared.
We enter with our heads held high.
We suffer and enjoy it.
And run away from happiness.
Fear is our friend while courage scorns our very existence.
Where is the patience?
While awkward and rushing run free.
What is this world?
When did it come?
We the ones who created?
Or was it simply thrown away?
The world is my blanket.
Around nothing, it seems

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