The Light Is Out

The light is out, I saw it fade, into the blackest night
No shadows cast, when free at last, to move on from this life
The promises brought, the lessons taught, hold no water when
The circle unto which we were born, comes back to form the end.

Some will say they died one day, and know where we go then
To reunite with friends we lost, relatives, and akin
Those faces we see when we peek past the light smile back to us again
Or is it just a dream we see as we face the formal end.

Great thinkers think, and holy men strive, for the answer within
To know why we are, and what we are, and how it all begins.
And past that thought into the night these same men strive to see
The path that leads souls from their life to the eternal sea.

I hope to fly the milky way and find my solace there
And join all others who seek the same, as the answers all are bared
But I fear that asking for the truth may only a wish it be
And as our lives slowly wink out, only the living still yearn to see.

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