The Lightening

Look at the way he looks at the sky -
why does the sky want to be his enemy?

What is to rejoice if the cloud comes for the one hundredth time?
Looking at the sky reminds me of her.

Existence comes after love like thunder after lightening.
The field is dark unless the lightening sets it fire.

In the sky I saw God's cruelty, just like hers.
Without reasons, the sky became my enemy.

I already know the lightening is searching for my field.
I also know force will not work in love; it is that fire.

In love my heart aches.
It got the medicine for pain; it got the pain that has no medicine.

Life would have drifted along, why did I think of the road to you?
Such a fire caught this field that everything turned into ashes.

How much longer will you say "what" when I bare my heart?
Give me a different tongue, or give her a different heart.

"My numerous requests for love have been covered with silence;
in the silent burnt field, I am an extinguished candle."

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