The Line in the Sand

We only wanted changes to end the government corruption
The quest for honesty was an honorable disruption
We sought to make our country a better place to be
We sung our national anthem, we pledged our souls to honor Thee
Please help us make our Syria the home of brave and free
My father raised the flag March 15, 2011
It was his last brave deed...they shot him, he's in Heaven.
I called for help-but no one saw-as many were abducted
There was no Western ear, my plea was perpetually obstructed
Shabeeha took the hit, the tanks rolled through the town
The women died, the children fell, and babies were carried up to God
Yet, no one heard the protests or tried to stop Assad
The words of support could soon be heard, the Arab League concurred
But words could not deter the deaths or tortures that occurred
The residents of Bdama were stormed by Assad's men
They shot, they raped, decapitated, no thought of their great sin
I awoke in Alwati, from children screaming for their lives
I knew no help would ever come to allow us to survive.
Sanamayn was their target, with blasts and constant shells
Again, our women and our young were dying in that hell
Our men were found discarded, half-naked, tortured, thrown, dead
Finally, Assad threatened chemicals to release.
80,000 deaths were not enough to adequately notice
They were but insignificant flecks in our historic stand
But using chemicals got the Western world's attention
And they finally drew that line: the line in the sand

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