The Linkin Park Theory

In the end I was numb, searching for wisdom justice and love
Looked from my heart's glass castle for a light that never comes
But somehow, in the shadow of the day
I had realized that nobody's listening
Even when I scream and bleed it out.

I felt victimized, powerless to stop you
From taking my voice away
I was shattered, in pieces because of lies greed misery and hate
Before I realized the truth I had already sealed my fate.

You made me your messenger, and the world shot me down.
So now I'm waiting for the end because I'm crawling on my knees
Begging for a cure to this itch, a place for my head
And to release this burning anger in between the empty spaces within

But now I'm breaking this habit of bleeding out
Goodbye, don't stay, you and I are guilty all the same
But I will have no more sorrow for you and your screams
When the wretches and kings burn your kingdom down

As for me, I know now what I've done for you was wrong
But I refuse to be a runaway, I'll embrace my destiny
And when they come for me, I will not be forgotten
For in my remains, my legacy will stay.

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