The Lion And His Teeth

There was this lion:
A carnivore that's known to come from zion.
He was large and pompous,
Trampling upon thorns and hibiscus.
His tail smaller that his ear,
And for that he never cares.
His eyes are merged with the furnace,
Red and ferocious breaking through surface.
The hunch resting on his back,
Enrich his beauty that he never lacked.
Like a thundrbolt seasoned with the seas wave,
Does he roar and all insect to death did cleave.
He was renowned for what he possessed,
But onething had him possessed:

His jaws are like the red sea,
Parting for all Israelites to see.
To behold the virtue therein
If at all he could take in.

His teeth are white like snow,
Strong and tinted,giving air blow.
Mammals admire the set,
And couldn't draw near for they fret.

As strong and skillful as his teeth,
He couldn't use it.

Maybe for fear of the giants,
Or dread for invisible brat.
And thus he was hungry,
Till death took him on journey.

"Many have virtue with which they can survive,but cannot use it".

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