The lion that didn’t roar

The boy cried as his anxiety became his fear,
yes that boy;
who the world thought, doesn't shed a tear.

He was strong no more, not strong enough
to face the rest of the pack, who believed he was tough

What the people, the world failed to realise
was that, he was a boy , his heart wasn't ice.

He thought, overthought, until he could think no more,
for he had become the lion, who couldn't roar.

The world said "you can't cry" "you are strong",
"You are a fighter"-and he proved them wrong.

"You are an attention seeker" "you are overreacting"
is what he was told,
He became a misfit, an outcast,the lion who wasn't bold

This went on for a day, by the week it was gone,
People became normal, though still the same.
As for the boy,
he lived, he loved, he laughed, he tried
He became the lion, the world couldn't tame

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