The Lion’s Legacy

Bold lion with a flowing mane,
Roars across the mighty plain.
With claws and teeth and eyes of fire,
Of fierce young cubs he is the sire.
A shadow in the tall long grasses,
Nothing's safe until he passes.

The sun is his master, fire his heart,
Heat is his mood, his roar is his art.
A song of his reign he'll regally sing,
Of youth and prey he is the king.
An age will pass before he's gone,
Before his time is dark and done.

Sunning on a sandy boulder,
A dark mane shows he's growing older.
The lionesses of his pride,
Each and everyone his bride,
Will wait until he's old and weak.
A lord long past his highest peak.

His time is done, his rule far over,
Conquered by another rover.
Under the lone acacia trees,
Birds will see as will the bees,
A story of life between the bones,
Of a long-lost king who died alone.

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