The Listeners

I was watching them
If I took my eyes off them they'd be gone
I know they could hear my thoughts
They listened, listened they see what we see
Know what we think and where we want to be
I heard a creak behind me
I spun around nothing was there
Slowly I turned around
Hoping to see them
Standing, Standing perfectly still
But no
They had gone!
They knew where I was
There was no point in hiding they'd find me
They'd listen to my thoughts
Through my thoughts, they'd find me
Soon enough I heard voices Screaming, Screeching, Shouting
I knew they were coming
The noises caused pain
Pain they had never felt
Pain! Pain! Pain!
Soon it went quiet
No more thoughts for them to hear or take
Because no I was one of them
I stole people's thoughts, listened to their questions
They would never know I was there
Stealing, Hearing, Taking their thoughts

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