The Little Girl who Stopped

There once was a little girl.

She was lovely, polite, behaved, didn't have tantrums, she was perfect.

She was on a journey, you see.

The journey was called, “life”.

The beginning was beautiful, the woods with their green leaves, birds chirping, critters roaming.

The birds and the butterflies flew, to greet her.

She made friends, and made other people happy.

She had the power to make people laugh, and most importantly she kept herself laughing as well.

She had good grades at school, and ignored most rude people.

Many people called her perfect, or a try hard.

One day she stumbled and fell.

She turned her head back to see, what was behind her.

She never considered looking back, but knew there was something following her.

There was a huge, black, swarm of darkness, and two yellow glowing eyes looking at her.

The darkness moved closer to her.

She was scared, and she panicked.

She got up and started running for days.

The days turned into months, quickly.

The darkness, was quick too.

Until, she reached the wall.

The wall, made her stress, about falling into the hands of darkness.

She tried climbing it, but she failed to get herself over the top.

She stood there crying at the bottom, knowing she failed.

The darkness, stood beside her and offered her something.

The darkness offered to show her how to stop feeling.

He'd do that if only he could latch on.

She reluctantly agreed.

And made the biggest mistake of all.

The darkness took over her thoughts.

Made it so, she couldn't sleep at night.

The darkness, reminded her of all the things people said to her and all the mistakes she had made.

How the world would be better off without her.

She would remember how people made fun of her, and cry.

People asked her if she was sad.

She lied and told them that she was tired.

She stopped being happy.

And finally, instead of continuing forward in life, she began to walk backwards.

The path was shadowed, and looked almost dead.

The birds and the butterfly's had broken wings and turned pale.

She asked darkness, why everything was dead.

He told her that, they were happier this way, and free of pain.

She thought that was a great idea.

More like darkness made her think it was a great idea.

She started to get darker thoughts.

The darkness started making her to do things she normally wouldn't thinks of.

She still went to school, had good grades, made her friends laugh.

But, they didn't know.

They didn't know that sometimes the funniest person can also be the saddest one.

Until another girl saw her hands, and knew.

She told some people who the girl trusted and they tried helping.

She too, was scarred mentally and physically.

But it was too late.

The darkness left no positive thoughts, and made the little girl ruin the lives of others.

She stopped ignoring the hatred, and started believing that she was useless.

She cried at night.

She felt sad for no reason.

She isolated herself.

She didn't want to do anything.

She wanted to end the journey.

The darkness comforted the little girl, when no one understood her.

She wanted others to know, what she was feeling.

Until, one day she got what she was asking for.

She stopped feeling, and she turned colorless and cold.

People stabbed her.

People killed her by talking.

She didn't know what to do, but maybe she was happier this way.

She stopped trusting people.

She started talking back.

And then, she stopped talking altogether.

Her friends were there though,

They helped reverse the story, and go back to that wall.

They forced the girl to continue on, and accept life.

They broke the wall down.

And the little girl continued on with her life.

Because all she needed were a few second chances.

And she reached the end alive.

Instead of stopping.

All the way.

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This Poems Story

This poem goes out to anyone who is/has gone through a hard time in their life. Their’s always a way to overcome walls.