The Little Mermaid

She wept tirelessly beneath the waves as her beautiful hair flows,
Tears unseen and eyes full of sadness of which nobody knows.
No one understood her and only wanted to use her for their desires,
The smile, the laugh and the happiness were thrown into the fires.
Her dream was beyond the sea where it was dangerous and forbidden,
A normal mermaid would keep that dream always hidden,
But she's no ordinary mermaid, she's the one to go against the tide,
She was the one who would never dare try to hide.
But today like every other day she was crying out her sorrows,
Then suddenly a note of music met her ear whispering tomorrows.
She never heard of music before and it drew her attention,
From all of that crying to a very deep affection.
Closing her eyes she followed the music while she passed the zone,
Where no mermaid should have ever of known.
It was getting closer and the darkness was disappearing,
As the light shown her beautiful red hair while she was hearing.
The music got louder and so did the light,
To the point where she couldn't hear and lost her sight.
She felt a magnificent separation from the sea called air,
The moment was finally here her dream was no longer a dare.
As she grabbed upon a rock and let her hair flow,
Her hearing and eyesight returned as her spirit began to grow.
"What is this feeling inside of me that keeps on rising?"
An answer behind her was very surprising.
"That my dear is your love," the voice said with a booming noise.
Behind her was a human with a guitar that had a voice.
He played some more and the closer she came to him,
"I know you don't want to be one of them."
He smiled at her and he introduced himself as the man,
Who will teach her how to stand again

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