A little red birdie sat outside her window
It chirped it’s little red heart out
The little red birdie saw her dream catcher
The decision was made for this soul to be reached
The woman was sitting at her wooden desk
With her right hand, she wrote
Then the little red birdie saw something to the left
A birthmark gave to a woman at birth named Frances
The little red birdie knew it was in the right place
To the World, this woman could bring peace
On her left arm, a birthmark sat
Round as the big, bright Sun, it was her fate
“Who do you think you are?”
The woman just didn’t know anymore
The dream catcher caught her dreams
But wouldn’t let her see
Within them were her nightmares
Memories she didn’t want to have to empty
What was she running from?
Didn’t she know she was fortunate?
The little red birdie sang
It told her she was fated to do great things
Don’t worry, it could never stop it’s chirping
The little red birdie sang as long as the woman believed

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