The Little Things You Do

Though the destructive voice of the world
screams with irascibility,
and the critical eye of society watches me
with a contemptible glare,
I find solace in you.
I am comforted by the way you
speak your words with such close attention,
the way you meticulously assemble the right words into the
right order in each sentence like a puzzle only you can complete.
The way you seem to always see the better side of things,
the better side of me.
I admire how you always catch me before I fall back
into the depressive depths of my mind
that I once fought so hard to escape.
I find it beautiful that you are able to live in such a cruel world
and still find it within yourself to keep pushing forward
towards a better tomorrow.
I am proud of you.
I am proud of us.
I am proud to say that you are the only person on this Earth
who understands my mess of a mind like the back of their hand.
The only person on this Earth who I can say I truly love.

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