The Living Arrow

Stealthy, silent, large, powerful
His talons are deadly as a hunter's rifle
Steady, strong, stable, unbroken
His heart beats like an Indian drum

Flying high into the dusk
Staring straight into the sun
With a piercing gaze
He patrols the skies

He turns sharply
And plummets towards the earth
His sharp eyes have spotted dinner
The living arrow strikes

This cryptic creature carelessly carves through the dawn
His silhouette shimmering in the shining sky
The howl of the swishing wind whining through the trees
Almost clouds out the gentle whoosh
And the ear-piercing cry of the mighty predator

It feels like time stops when you see this bird
Yet the moment passes all too soon
You feel scared, yet at peace
And when that mighty eagle spreads his wings
You feel as if you could fly

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