The Lizard and the Botanist

The lizard and the botanist were friends for many years
Celebrating birthdays and elaborating hopes and fears
He lived upon her window sill perched among the flowers
And there they sat discussing things for many many hours

As she aged he did as well but at a quicker pace
She never really noticed wrinkles appear upon his face
Then came a point he understood he had to say goodbye
But how to do so softly so his friend need not to cry

He left her notes with riddles in order to bid adieu
She found them on the window sill and followed every clue

I come in summer lethargy
Willing you back to life
You’re friends may be me-weathered
If so, no help in strife

Sometimes I bring you nourishment
Or trap you down a hole
You may try to climb my walls
But will need rope to reach your goal

The confused botanist stuck the notes behind her ear
She continued potting plants and hanging them from tiers
Glancing at the window every half hour or so
She finally went outside to search in the meadow

It was there her scaly friend had slept
Sitting down beside him she clung her hands and wept
Looking to the notes again
She read the farewell of a friend

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