The Lizard

There's a lizard at the back of my brain.
He can be very distracting;
Clinging to the periphery of reason,
Darting here and there
While I try to concentrate on important details
Here in my cubicle.
Always alert to the predators that abound,
He makes me nervous.
Most times I feel I have him under control
Though I can't really see him,
It's like I'm dealing with a chameleon
Because deep within I always feel his presence,
A reptile from Jurassic times
With pure survival on his mind
Dressed in suit and polished shoes
This now is how he hunts his food
Adapting within this mammal brain
His primal instincts he has somewhat tamed.
And so each day from nine to five
He mimics the behavior of the civilized.
Thus his species carries on,
Successfully avoiding the fate of extinction.

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