The Lock

Whips to back, shoe to stomach
Harsh words to crushed spirit
Beat the body, break the soul, own the person.
He knows the key to destroy and
Lock away the free thinkers
And out spoken dreamers.
To warp the mind, to forever cripple the body
The key is, always has been, and forever will remain;
It's unlike any of its kind
Opens the door to limitless power;
Of which cannot be contained.
He once was there hero
Known for his quick wit and charm;
Good man, mind poisoned.
Corrupt by what once was respect,
Now been abused, forging the key.
Its unlocked Pandora's box
Slaughtering their hope, right before their eyes.
He now holds the key, the whip, the shoe
He says the harsh words
Meant to steal the last of their hope.
He owns it all, though he knows very little.
His one weakness, as insignificant as it may seem
Can save the world..Hope
He may have been there hope then
Their enemy now
But there will always be hope
Hope for a reason to have hope

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