The Locklears Chapter Four

High off the smell of burning flesh Rusty floated over to Linda. Pulling Linda's hand out of her pants he sucked and licked her juices off her fingers.
"How do I taste?" "As sweet as honey. It's your turn again". Grabbing the scalpel off the push cart Linda slashed Timothy's left thigh. Like water from a
water hose blood sprayed through the air. "W,w,w,why are the two of you doing this to me?" "Because it's fun Timothy and people like you make me sick". Walking over to Linda Rusty took the scalpel out of Linda's hand and cut Timothy's throat. Seeing Rusty take another man's life made Linda horny all over again. "You have to find the next victim" said Linda as she turned towards her husband. "I already got one picked out. She's a pill popping junkie whore". Getting down on her knees Linda unfasten Rusty pants. She pulled out his hard dick and placed it in her mouth. She sucked and sucked for what felt
like an hour. Filling her mouth with semen she happily swallowed the huge load.
"C'mon it's time to get rid of the body" Rusty could hardly get the words out of his mouth as he just finished an orgasm. "Linda baby go get the chainsaw. We have to get rid of the body". "Rusty began to unshackle Timothy's lifeless body. Walking back into the darkness Linda brought back the chainsaw. Timothy's
body hit the floor making a loud thud. Rusty cranked up the chainsaw and dismantled Timothy's body. Linda ran back up stairs and brought large black trash bags back down to Rusty. "I'll go get rid of these body parts you stay here and clean up". "Ok" replied Linda.
Written by Keith Edward Baucum

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