The Lone Soldier

Staring down the barrel of his gun,
he knows his battle, has just begun.
Dropped into an area of unknown,
this desolate place, is a war zone.

A place of worry, with everything to fear,
he carries on, too many pounds of gear.
A place to go, to be safe. But no,
he gave up on that long ago.

But still, the lone soldier travels on.
He wonders how long, he has been gone.
"Where do I go from here?
Could I not, just disappear?"

The lone soldier falls to his knees
screaming, "Somebody save me, please!"
Alone, the worn out soldier laid,
and it was there, that his body decayed.

He has never been found, he's believed to be missing.
His family back home, is still reminiscing.
Together they will pray,
on this and every Memorial Day.

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