The Lonely, Black Abyss

I always thought that I wouldn't die like this.
the cold the lonely and black abyss.
I'm sinking in the loss of one's I loved
and hoping that the people will help from above.
Forgive me if I am wrong, or stupid to say
that love was never meant to be this way
to end so dark and so desolate
to be so far and desperate.
I told him if he dies I die
and yet he walks about still alive
he's happy with the woman of his dreams
to bring back the love he'd never seen.
Till death to us part, in sickness,
and in health but look at this hand that I was dealt
dear death, I welcome you with open arms
because the love I had has left me unarmed.
the man I loved has left me for dead
and now I will lay my cold bleeding head.
Death, O death, hold me close. Let me forget morosely
the love that so foreboded me. Because this pain
is over bearing, it drowns me in my broken heart
and this was never what I felt when I gave him
my part. Death my chest burns, cool it down,
settle my brain and let me drown.I loved him but he did not love.
But I always thought
death could not end like this, cold and lonely in the black abyss.

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