The Lonely Dryad

The Lonely Dryad

Old day memories come flooding again
Into me: as alone and lonely I stay.
This dry and barren desert with only one tree
Was once the high court of Her Majesty.

Her Majesty, Olive, was the High Queen
So low was I, mere footman to the Queen.
But now fallen, on the ground she lies
She fell down cursing, but only we heard her cry.

Our whole kingdom was brought down to rubbish,
All our guards fell on to the ground sliding.
Our kingdom was flattened with only me living,
But without an heir, how can a kingdom flourish?

New and tender, shoots rise with hope,
Brutal are they: cutting all hope that rose.
Why didn’t they kill me, for goodness sake?
Flatten me too: for in peace I shall rest.

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