The Lonely Duck

There is a duck,
All alone,
Floating at the sea,
The sun going down behind it.

It does not know where it is,
Or where it is going.
All it knows is that it has got to keep floating.

Some distance away are some other ducks;
In an alien pond.
But the lonely duck doesn't know how to walk,
So it cant get over and meet them.

Over in the alien pond,
Ihe other ducks dont know about the lonely duck;
Cause they have never been in the ocean before.
If they saw the other duck, they would see its beauty,
And help it over to their pond.
But they simply dont know about the ocean,
where the other duck lives,
And they cannot see the sundown.

The lonely duck, sailing on the sea,
Calls out with a lonely voice
But nobody hears it.
So the lonely duck keeps sailing on the water
Waiting for the sun to go down.

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