The Lonely Road

It's been a long year,
Tear after shedding tear,
Trying to learn how to live,
But I must forget before I can forgive.

So many faces covered in smiles,
Mine masked in denial,
Questions linger throughout the day,
I feel as though I've lost my way.

Love and pain, all the same,
Times move on, but nothing has changed,
Poison running through my veins,
Racing towards the brain, making me insane,
Tried my hardest to prove I'm the one,
But still I must suffer as if for something I have done.

Down this long road holds my heart,
But will always keep us apart,
I gave it to you and you walked away,
Now a creature of the night,
Shadow of the day,
Down this lonely road I go,
To where, I just don't know,
But please, let my life begin,
Maybe one day, we'll meet again.

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This Poems Story

It all began with music. At a young age I found myself struggling to find answers, reasons, even excuses. Nothing seemed to be helping until I was introduced to some musical artists. From there is great into a passion and where I was interested in how a song and its structure was created. I started writing lyrics as a way of a release of my emotions, almost like therapy. I fell in love with it and have extended my love into poetry. "Music is the body but the words are the soul." I wrote this poem during an intense break up and it is meant to represent how there is a path to go but how you can change the course if you choose to turn onto a different path. I'd like to say thank you to the love of my life, Lauren, who made me believe in myself and feel loved. To all the writers out there. don't be afraid to open up yourself, you never know what you might find inside.