The Lonely Soldier

I’m only a soldier
And you’re my princess.
I will do anything to protect your honor
But am I a protector of your heart too?
Living a fantasy is worse when you return to reality
For I’m in love with royalty
And I know I shouldn’t be.
Gold cannot be compared to carrots,
And soldiers are not to love princesses.
Soldiers are but to do and die.
Even though sometimes we may also cry.
We are humans after all,
But one does not decide where the heart wants to go.
And how unlucky am I that my heart chose yours.
Grace beyond a blooming rose is what you are,
With beauty envied even by the brightest stars.
I can only look up to your castle chambers
Imagining one day I will find myself there,
Holding this dream of a lady between my arms,
Caressing your soft brown hair while looking out at the farms.
How perfect would that be?
My lady if only you knew.
Even then, there is not much I can do.
For I am only a soldier,
And my destiny is only to protect you.

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