The Lonely Traveller

I was sitting in a stile on a cold day.

Without a trace of wind to show me the way.

Irises, foxgloves, hawthorn tread the floor.

Surrounded by woods which remains me of folklores.

Leaves strewn in the ground in russet hues.

And becks and brooks sparkling in crystal blues.

All was tranquil, peace and deadly calm.

But I couldn't find my soothing balm.

The scenery was contradictory to my mind.

Nor did I see any of my own kind.

Long ago,a tragedy has befallen on me.

From which,there was no way I could see.

Eating me raw, letting me bled, from inside out.
And leaving me, internally bleeding, with no doubt.

Abandoning me in cold floor with emptiness.

Dooming me for the rest of my mortal life.

When I so longed for a loving wife.

Waking from my reverie,I glanced around.

Leaves no longer stirred in the ground.

The wind changed its direction to the east.

While I scanned the woods for wildly beast.

The breeze brought along a sense of hope.

And from my miserable fortune, I must absolutely elope.

I saw a figure in distance with gossamer wings.

Clad in a pearl robe and sparkly rings.

It was walking towards me as if in a dream.

With wavy hazel hair and skin a shade of cream.

I was entranced by the ethereal creature.

With flawless, pure Grecian features.

It reached near me and spread wings high.

And looked into my eyes with no lie

It said to me "Come,my true mortal love

I will you happy with a lasting vow

Come, follow me up on my hidden lair,

The moon,which is so high up on air.

Put this diamond ring on my finger.

Be real quick and don't linger.

I'll be yours and you will be mine

And we will together leave in a manner so fine."

I took the ring and put it on

The fingers, which was like fairy-born.

I placed my hand in her little one.

And I left the earth and never saw none.

We reached the crater in the dark abyss of the moon.

It was deadly dark although it was noon.

The ethereal creature encircled me with a kiss.

From which I entered into a state of bliss.

She promised to stay with me forever.

And would follow me,regardless, anywhere.

I have found the true love of my existence.

Who would love me without any pretences.


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