The Longest Ride

It's rush hour at the busiest station,
And this is my story about public transportation

Tonight the bus was totally packed
Everyone had to make themselves extra compact

When I hopped on, no seats remained
Everyone's faces looked tired and pained

The driver yelled at those standing, "Move on back!"
But there was no room left, people started to stack

A group of girls sat on their boyfriends' lap
While some exhausted commuters leaned on their neighbors to nap

My face was inches away from an old lady's rack
And there was an elbow digging in to the small of my back

We were packed like a barrel of monkeys, but minus the fun
It felt like forever 'til that bus ride was done

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Samantha Lapidus is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. Sam is most inspired by everyday experiences, and firmly believes laughter and levity are the keys to a happy life. Why not turn those lemons into some sweet, sweet lemonade? Find more of Sam's work at Tweet her @Sam_Lapidus or follow her in Instagram @rhymetherapy.