The Looking Glass

There’s a filter on my vision and thoughts
I wish I could remove it
But this isn’t Instagram
Or a half-full slash half-empty writing prompt
This is real life
And we are the puppets within pages that constantly turn
A glass distorts revealing only the beauty that exists within
But why is it we only seem to see the ugliness that dwells underneath?
Sip and sip a little more, that imaginary alcohol is all you’ll ever be able to understand
Temporarily distorting the coldness of the world with rose-colored glasses
The looking glass is a bittersweet reminder of how things could be
We drink and smoke to forget and escape a world too cruel for us to deal with
And yet ultimately we are looked at like we are crazy for attempting the escape
Constantly burdened by society to fit into a norm
We choose an alternate route when we choose our crutch
A looking glass is powerful and is to be used at your own risk
The light within it bends, it doesn’t break
Just like people and their problems

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