The Losing Fight

I fought hard to stay alive,
I fought hard to win this game.
It was a game of chance,
and my luck ran out.
No home,
No car,
No food.
I struggled to stand tall.
I struggled to chase my dreams.
No money,
No family,
No time.
When chasing a dream,
I forgot to watch where I was going.
I forgot nightmares are dreams too.
No water,
No air,
No light.
I was surrounded by darkness.
I was filled with heartache and pain.
As the tears run down my face,
They burn like fire.
As the knife plunged into my back,
It stung like a scorpion.
As she twisted the knife,
It bleeds like a river.
Faint screams,
Weak heartbeats.
A pool of life sits at her feet.
As she looked upon me,
Never would I have thought it was her.
I lost a fight that no one can win.
As the darkness enveloped my soul,
I saw her wicked grin spread across her face.
I hope she is happy,
For there are many more like me.

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