The Loss

If I could fulfill your desires I'll illuminate this.
Cross out all your exes and meet up with your preference,
Quit skipping classes and pay attention to your lessons.
There's no question!
Do you wonder why I'm still here,
Same thing I ask myself through all the doubts and many fears.
Aborting the missions were never the plan,
I'm here to stay forever like a beach with its sand.
Believe me I want to fly,
Soar past my mistakes and figure the truth to my lies too,
Said no to my face but who knows if its really true.
Bullet proof to never thinking of it,
All the problems discussed were really mustard.
Yellow inside not feeling to well,
Ten years from now I might be in a jail cell,
Waiting for the mail man to pass by you got G-Mail,
Architectural thoughts up to scale, drawn in details.
Live it how you live it,
Dedicate your dreams,
To Uncle Phil and Whitney.
Protests against the six side,
Praises up to the most high,
God is on my side,
You people slow like my Wi-Fi.

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