The Loss of Love

My mind envelops the cold words.
They wisp forth from your blood red lips.
My heart shatters like glass.
The shards pierce my lungs, every breath like fire inside my chest.
My eyes burn as the sea washes them over and breaches the lids.
I watch as the waves turn the pavement from gray to brown.
A torrent of sorrow and regret fill me.
I feel the seams begin to fray.
My levy can hold no longer...
As my mental constructs are brutally ripped apart.
As the skies begin to bruise and the storm SWirls overhead.
This murky river of madness within me screams outward.
It tales with it every last shred of sanity and rational thought.
I am cast into Hell.
The haunting moans of every demon caress my ears.
Their wretched hands, skin stretched over bone, claw at my soul.
I stand empty and barren as every last shred of you is torn from me.

A loss so profound, my life re-written.
A happy ending banished from my pages.
For one last moment, what I would have given.
My love for you still rages.

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