The Lost

I stand alone in this dismal place
Incapable of a sense of peace
Incapable of happiness
All control has eluded my grasp
Any sense of security is lost

I stand alone in this hellish abyss
A rage overpowers my conscience
Love and hope have turned to ash
Compassion is consumed by fire
An evil has taken a hold over my soul

I stand alone on this blackened earth
Right or wrong is no longer the question
I do only what feels good to this evil
Sins of the flesh become my reality
A lust for blood uproots my conscience

I stand alone in this dark empty place
Love has become like noxious fumes
Friendship has become a myth
Alone and angry is what I have become
The path of evil is what I have chosen

I stand alone in this white padded room
All sanity has left me burning with rage
No concept of good or evil exists any more
Anything good has completely alienated me
I have become truly alone and lost forever

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