The Lost Cause of Communication

By Abby   

I think of you a lot
Cliche as that may sound
I remember how we sometimes fought
The way you would tear me down to the ground

Then I remember the good
How it felt to lay next to you
The way you could instantly change my mood
The fact that I knew you loved me too

But was that love enough?
Or did it need more
The lack of our communication made it tough
It made it seem much like a chore.

So things had to end and it was for the best
At least that's the line I try to tell my mind
He didn't understand why really, he just thought I was distressed
It hurt me more than it hurt him, but over time

I'm sure we'll be just fine

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This Poems Story

My poem is about a boy that I loved and that I always will love. Me and him didnt end things so good and I believe that the reason we did not work out was a lack of communication, among other things. I realized, after ending this relationship, love is not enough to keep a steady and healthy relationship.