The Lost Chapter

waiting on this moment and
It's feelin like a lifetime
I want to be a millionaire
I'm reachin for a lifeline
From pitchin 20's and pills to buy fly gear
"Birds get served when they fly by here"
Age 13 and I didn't know shit
At the Age of 14
I flipped my first zip
Age 15 and
I copped that first Brick
Age 16
I saw that first full clip
At the Age of 17
Experienced an overdose
At the Age of 18
In the street comatose
I got that scar tissue
I got that nerve damage
That's from the last time
I bit off more than I could manage
I brush the dust off
Like an antique
They comin from around the world
To hear the man speak
So I get up on my soapbox
And show them what I'm made of
Getcha heart pumpin I got somethin
That'll make love

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