The Lost Enchantress

As you sat there underneath the moonlight glimmering like
diamonds sparkling in the nights starlight. I found myself lost
in your eyes. My deep embrace committed to your everlasting
mystery, and as the stars covered an ocean of ruby red roses all
that could be whispered in the night air was that of a mystical
passion. Lost within the universe’s embrace. I found myself
locked in a passionate feeling. Drifting within time’s reality.
Looking to your beauty, and as I lost myself in your crystal
eyes. Giving my heart ever deeper into your lovely presence
seemed like such a task. It is now that to realize the truth is
but shadows and ash. To one who would give an eternity if not
more to hold her so close. Yes my enchantress I feel that in
which I only can understand. Yes enchantress I love nothing more
but the presence of your mystical allure, and yes enchantress
the taste of your passion ignites my everlasting soul, and it is

this that will be my heaven. It is this that I carry like a
torch held close to my path. Lighting my way through the tunnel
of the abyss. Within my eternity’s destined nightmare. I seek
you enchantress, and hold your words deep in thought. For
without you my life is but a misted shadow amongst a blood moon

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by, a relationship from a very long time ago.