The Lost Human of Today

The purpose to live
Is what matters indeed
Forgoing oneself
To the one in sheer need

Oh dear human
Calling yourself up at the summit
More are you buried down
For your ego and selfish commit

Where has the human gone
Who sought for the one in pain
To soothe the soul calm
And to help was his ultimate aim

Today is the world
Fully set with people
Just thinking of their own
To hell with others they frown

The holy satyug is gone
And the kalyug is showing its colors
Max minds with their own mean
Ignoring even a kins dolor.

Rare it is seen
Someone throwing his self aside
For the one in agony
Be it of any kind as defined.

We are bestowed with
The superpowers as humans
Not to make big triumphs just
But to care for the fellow critters

To err is the human
But to make it fine is he too
The times not gone yet
So, up yourself to the soul so true

The trophy the towers
The pays and the powers
Is all in vain if
Treasured just within your own bower

It will die with your matter
And the world will forget you
But it makes the one eternal
Who forgets his demise for
The sake of the others too.

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This Poems Story

This poem of mine emphasizes the current behavior of human, his selfishness, his mean approach towards the environment and all fellow critters. The main motto of humans should be to take care of the earth as responsible and superior creatures. We should not forget that we, on earth along with the other animals, birds, plants, constitute mother nature's family and have an EQUAL role in the happening of the cosmos. We should down our ego and think for the well being of not just our race but others too because it's all ecological to say that one species depends on other and the network is intricate to be worked upon. Simply if we won't care for the other environmental factors, it is going to fall upon us, with the whole earth breathing the last air. Being a superior species doesn't mean we should rule the earth and dominate other species, but it means that we are bestowed with a responsibility by the Almighty to seek for the welfare of all the members of this earth family.