The Lost Life Found

With his love, I lost my life
The day he took me as his wife
Battered and bruised with no direction
He pieced me together with his affection
Nightmares of past that tore me apart
He kissed me awake, he mended my heart
Addictions plentiful, my patience few
He quietly waited , unconditional love grew
His daily teachings of how to cope
He showed me beauty and gave me hope
He saw my compassion, my worry for all
And relished in the fact, he found his call
To help this angel so tired and lost
He wouldn't give up, no matter the cost
Lines never crossed, promises made
That never, will his love for me fade
He wiped my tears, so many I cried
Showed me the love, I'd been denied
With his love, I lost my life
The life that required my sacrifice
Sacrifice myself to others greed
Sacrifice myself for others needs
Dying gave presence to clear perspective
That self sacrifice is a deadly objective.

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