The Lost Paradise

This world has gone corrupted
and along with it the balances disrupted.
I used to hear that the beast hunted
but now we humans hold the gun end.
The voice of nature has faded and died;
the only sounds that I hear are my lost mother's cries.
The black magic has taken over like death,
wiping away the first human meth.
I still see dreams of us, different colors, holding hands,
but now the rainbow tends to cut other's gland.
I hate when I see my sisters die.
I hate to see my brothers die.
I scorn the way they beat my mother
and how they disrespect my father.
I spit at those who bow their heads to evil,
nothing but worshippers of the devil.
What has happened to humanity, love and family?
Shall I still hear the children cry,
for the love and tenderness, they are denied?
The clock is still ticking
but I tell you we still have a few seconds to fight the sin.
Grab my hand, brothers and sisters,
and lets bring this world to beauty and free of sorrow--
once again,
a paradise to live.

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This Poems Story

I'm fifteen years old. I was born and brought up in America, but right now I'm studying in India in Placid Vidya Vihar, Kerala. I wrote this poem because of how much this world has changed. Everyday when I open the newspaper there is always something new and disturbing that is happening in this world. My dream is to wake up one day and find this world a safe place to live. Even though it may seem impossible, I hope to make a difference through my poems, however small it may be.