The Lottery of Love

Love is like playing the lottery,
you give what little you have
hoping to get all that you can in return.
When and if you do get it,
you may have more problems than you had before.
Some people will be happy for you,
while others will resent you for what they believe you have gained.
We all think that is a game,
but it is really a gamble--
a chance that one must take, over and over,
until you get it right.
Because when your turn finally comes
and your number is called,
it can and will be life changing.
It will not be all good
and the bad depends on what you choose to do
with what you have won.
So keep taking chances on the gamble of love,
as you may never know exactly who or what that simple hello may bring.

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This Poems Story

I am inspired by the things in this life that are overloded misrepresented, and undervalued. I write for those that are afraid to yell or cannot find the means to express what lies within. I write from a place that no longer exists with the generations of today, from the values, morals, and ethics of revolutionaries and innovators of yesteryear. I write from the mind of the poor teacher, the heart of the hopeless romantic , and the soul of a hero. I write of the world that I see, one that others are blinded by, the reality of the matrix.