the lottery

This is the 5th door she’s knocked on…for God’s sake!
When will I find paradise?
The wrong question she has asked.
Why not just go buy beachwear or body cleansing & healing merchandise?
The right question is left unasked.
Perhaps paradise is set at overprice?
Perhaps in the Sun she was given she didn’t want to bask?
Maybe she wanted it all for her own device?
Perhaps paradise for her will one day unmask?
Perhaps one day in the Sun she will embrace and she will take up her given advice?
Maybe she didn’t realize reaching others was her only task?
Everybody wants for their own before they want to give others a slice.
Would you share your liquor if the little bit you had only filled up a flask?
The answer is yes, and the right question she didn’t need to ask.
The end goal being to help others would suffice.
Then paradise took off the mask.
Paradise being with you and I in this moment right now is pretty concise.
There’s no other way to keep winning the lottery of my life maskable.
If I don’t share with others, how can His love I entice?
If I don’t speak to the World, won’t everything go unmapped?
Like The Beatles did back then, I want to help the modern-day generations of ours today love life!
If we all speak up, we could get our whole World mapped!
If we all loved more openly, we could all be lifesavers!
This is the lottery for which she wants to use her life to have entrapped.
It’s not money, but only to get the strength to be path-pavers.
One day she will see this little light of mine needs to shine not be trapped.
It’s not about making a life, but it’s about giving your life to others to become engravers.
It’s about leaving personal gain behind and untapped.
But won the lottery we have already because we’re love-cravers.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and say you’re wealth is handicapped.

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