The Loudest Silent

By Star   

Truly happy memories always live on
One by one, they come back to life
Mine never came back

From the bottom of my heart
I just want to give up
Knowing I don't belong here
We both don't belong here

Bit by bit
We are losing each other
Silence grew
But still
We remain to hold on
Forcing ourselves to stay
In a unhappy relationship
Cold and dark

Calling you from sunrise to sunset
And a time that you picked up
When I stopped trying, you started trying
silents are getting louder
The words are not clear

From the bottom of my heart
I know it's not your fault
And it's not mine too
But why do we blame it on each other

Something about you
Made me want to hold on
More and more

Is it that you don't care
Am I accepting too much

The silent is getting louder
Too loud to be control
Left and right
not a sight to be heard

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This Poems Story

dictated to Owen L. I wrote this poem back in summer of 2015. kept the pain to myself, and till this day I still feel the pain that he left inside me. We tired so hard, but didn’t achieve. Now everything is dead, and for all that. I wont take anything back, becuase he is now happy with another woman. And i have gone my own way.