The Love Affair

Thunder growled and shook the earth
And warned of the coming Rain
But still a young girl stepped on forth
With no care for causing pain
The girl lay in the shadows
Of a great towering cloud
Thunder clapped another warning
But she did not retreat inside
Little raindrops began to fall
And dance like pixies upon her skin
She lay there umoving,soaking it all in
Rain poured from the heavens
Hammering hard and soaking her thru
She raised her head, cried toward the sky
"Now, now, I must stay dry!"
Shocked was the Thunder
Shocked was the Rain
Thunder shouted menacingly,
But Rain bent to investigate
Curious Rain pattered down, just a few more soft times
Until he loved with all his being
That young innocent prone girl
Summoning all his courage
To take heed to the young girl's cry
Rain's heart and soul burst, scattered abroad with a heartfelt sigh
The girl raised her head
Wondering where Rain had gone and why
For there were no longer dark clouds
In the now lovely, blue-ash sky

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